“Beauty is a sought-after guest everywhere.”


Nebuchadnezzar had these gardens built for his Med (now Iranian) wife Amytis. It is also claimed that these gardens were built by her husband to make her happy because Queen Amytis missed the green hills and gardens in her hometown. In our design, we were inspired by the vines on every floor in their garden, we wish you to taste this love in every sip…

“Opposites are useful, the best harmony comes from differences.”


A brand new and extraordinary design created with the dream of making your coffee enjoyment the most intense and unforgettable. A futuristic work for those who are different and for those who feel different. Our Vi mug and Turkish coffee mug cups are designed for you, dear coffee lovers, with two size options and colorful colors. She will never lose her beauty and the glass from the future Vi, she is always in fashion.


“Our nation is determined to be a strong nation. One of the requirements of this is to enable our women to rise in every aspect. Therefore, our women will have knowledge and science, and they will pass all the education steps that men pass through.”

M.Kemal Atatürk

She was the first woman mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer. She is the daughter of the Alexandrian mathematician and astronomer Theon. With a solid education and inspiration from his father, he completed his education in Athens and later settled in Alexandria, where he founded a school. In this school, she gave lectures on philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle and Suda. Hypatia, with her philosophy she defended throughout her life, was more investigative and scientific than the thoughts of the period. But by the Christians, she was accused of idolatry and was said to be teaching according to her. Hypatia, a person who was hated by the public in time, was killed at the age of 45, defenseless at the door of the university. We wish you to remember Hypatia with every sip…


“Beauty is always beautiful, time does not matter.”


All the books on the history of ancient Egypt speak of its legendary beauty. First Name; It means “beauty is coming”, “the beautiful one” or “from the beautiful”. In some sources, it is stated that Nefertiti’s real name was Tadukhepa, and that she was called Nefertiti because of her famous beauty. We wish you to find her beauty in every sip of Ancient Egypt, which inspired our new model, and Nefertiti, its most famous queen with its legendary beauty.


“Love has never filled me so much.”


With the coming of the new year, we wanted to welcome you as the mocco family with a new model. We were inspired by the land where Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) of Santa Claus, which has become the biggest symbol of the New Year in the world, was born.
We were inspired by the land where Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) was born.
These lands are so precious that if we go back further According to mythology, it is the birthplace of the sun god Apollo and the moon goddess Artemis
. We were inspired by the sand dunes of Patara, which has a unique and fascinating, fairy-tale beauty lying on the Mediterranean coast. We wish you to be filled with love in every sip and shine like the sun during the day and the moon at night…